This will be a fun post 🙂 I just got this idea to start a “Why I Love…” blog segment. Of course, the first one will be about karaoke.

Why I love karaoke…

First of all, I love singing in general. I was in choir for most of my childhood. I even scored a solo when I was in the eighth-grade. I love singing in church (still do!) But karaoke came into play sometime in college. I remember singing karaoke at a friend’s house and just getting lost in the moment of singing into a mic. Then, later on, I started checking out karaoke bars with friends, singing “American Pie,” Bon Jovi, and joining in some Britney Spears.

I guess you can say I became a karaoke junkie in my mid-20s. My friend Emilie took me to a place called Daisy May’s that was this smalltown bar with awesome karaoke (that’s usually how it goes!) We went there many Thursday nights, where I got to showcase my love for classic rock (seriously, try singing some Bad Company). The DJ knew my name and said I always picked the good songs. Haha. He was pretty cool, even had a smoke machine to make us feel like rock stars. I still miss that place back in Michigan.

Emilie and I even tried out for Hometown Idol (our local version of American Idol). I tried out with New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” and sang Ashlee Simpson in the second round. Maybe that’s why I didn’t move forward. Haha. But that was a lot of fun.

When I loved out to California, I found out about karaoke rooms, where you rent a room for a certain amount of time and sing until your heart’s content. That’s fun too, but expensive. Plus, I enjoy having an audience.

Then I found my karaoke buddy Kim, who loves singing as much as I do and doesn’t mind singing Destiny’s Child on stage with me. And yes, we do have plans to go out tonight!

I know there are singers who only do certain songs by certain artists, but I love trying new songs out. I do have my go-to songs though:

If I go to a new karaoke place, to warm up the crowd I usually sing, “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi.

From there it’s either going to be Madonna”s “La Isla Bonita,” G&R’s “Sweet Child Ol’ Mine,” and “Run to You” or “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams.

Of course, an excellent ensemble piece is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Another thing I love about karaoke are the people you meet. You start to know the “regulars” and like I mentioned, the DJ starts to know you on a first-name basis. You actually become the DJ with the songs you pick. It’s definitely about community.

So, don’t be surprised if you read one my stories and there’s a karaoke scene. Now you know why!