Every author dreams of this moment. By (insert name here). Even better when it’s in print!

I’ve seen my byline in newspapers for years now, but it was just last December when I saw my name in print in an actual book: 90 Minutes to Live Anthology.

The theme was a lock of hair and 90 minutes to live. Once I had those requirements, my imagination went to work. I scribbled down notes and even thought about doing something involving Rapunzel, but in the end, this was my hook:

The story focuses on supernatural librarian Julia McKinley and her fight to save her father from a demonic criminal. All she has to do is break a gypsy’s curse in ninety minutes.

I still have my notes scribbled down, and it’s amazing to see a story go from an idea in my head to a book in my hand.

What makes this anthology even more special is that all proceeds will go toward ASL medical equipment for Rocky Wood, Horror Writers Association president.