When I was 18 years old, my big dream was to one day go to New York City and write for a magazine. I ended up staying in Michigan for 10 more years and now I live in California. Things happen. But lately, I’ve been thinking about the past (relationships, career, etc.) and I’m trying to look back to reflect. Of course these questions pop up: Do I regret not going to New York City? Do I regret staying in Michigan for all those years? Do I regret moving to California? I can’t torture myself with regret or “What if” scenarios. I only can work with what I have.

And this is what I have:

A stable, full-time writing job (and yes, I do write for a magazine)

A writing community (my critique group, my Odyssey and SHU peeps)

Time to write (just have to put my butt in my chair)

A muse (who sometimes won’t shut up and I love it)

Passion and inspiration (I sometimes find this part the hardest)

Perseverance (see My first story, and rejection only makes me work harder)

Big dreams (they might have changed over the years, but I still dream!)

After reading all that, how can I be filled with any regret?