My short story “Duet” is up at SQ Mag! It received an honorable mention during their annual short story contest. Here’s what the judges had to say about it: “They were particularly impressed with the dark, psychological overtones of the story, and the hard edged narrative style.” It’s basically about a brother and sister serial killer team, who love salt and vinegar chips 🙂

I remember writing this story, I think back in 2008. The first line came to me and I just went with it. It originally started out as second person and I think I actually finished that draft before I changed it to first person. Generally, I don’t write in either, but for this story, I needed it to be first to tell the story correctly. I sent the story to my critique workshop while I was at Seton Hill and I received some good feedback. I remember one girl who “got it” and that was great! I really liked this story and I believed it was strong enough to send out. I sent it out a couple times, got it rejected a couple times, but here it is! It pays to keep trying! Someone will read your work, someone will like it, and someone will publish it!