Ah, rejection. It’s a part of being a writer. I never really started sending stuff out until I returned from Odyssey. Before that, I was telling myself I was writing for fun, but then I learned I could still write for fun AND maybe–just maybe–get paid for my crazy story ideas.

I sold my first short story in 2008 and last year, I got four stories accepted. This year I haven’t been so lucky. It’s July and I’ve submitted at least one story a month to a market–nothing yet! But that doesn’t mean I will give up.

For example, I sent four (yes, FOUR) romance short stories/novellas to an editor at a publishing company and even though she ended up passing on all of them, she gave me great feedback and invited me to send more to her. Sometimes, the story just isn’t right for them.

Sometimes I visit the Recent Responses page at Duotrope to see where people are sending stuff to. And yes, it is kind of comforting to know I’m not the only one receiving rejection letters. It’s interesting to read that list and know that I’m at both ends–I receive rejection letters and I send rejection letters (as part of New Myths).

One thing is true though: an editor is always trying to find a reason to stop reading. Keep that in mind the next time you send out a story.