I’m back from Michigan and I didn’t get to do everything on my To Do List, but I’m happy with what I could do. I spent time with family and friends, ate good homemade meals, laughed, smiled, made new memories, and remembered my roots.

I know I have outgrown my Michigan home and life, but it’s comforting to know that some things don’t change. The glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the ceiling of my brother’s old room (now guest room). I remember moving back to my parents’ place after graduating from college and finding out I had to share a room with my 12-year-old brother because I no longer had a bedroom–and staring at those stars every night, wishing for the day I could move out. The dresser that still sits in that room that used to belong to me and my sister at our old house when we shared a room. Now she has three kids and a family and I look at stars in a different state. I even stopped by the mall I used to spend many weekends at with friends, and of course, many of the stores I used to visit are still there in the same exact location.

And there are some changes. My dad has more deer heads mounted on the living room walls. The huge flatscreen TV. The massage chair. A new shower head. Little details like that alter my memories, but they also create new ones.

I wanted my trip back to Michigan to give me some perspective—and it did. It made me realize I’m in a good spot in my life.

Next week I head to Haiti. It will be another trip that I hope will give me perspective, and I hope it gives me the same conclusion.

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