I had lunch with my friend Julia last week. She was my roomie during the Haiti trip and it was great to catch up and see where we were at the end of the year. She shared with me an idea to “name” the new year instead of going the usual New Year’s resolution route. Together, we came up with an idea to expand it into a journaling exercise. When we name our year, we would journal the different ways we saw it at work in 2013. I challenged other friends to take this idea on and I’m excited that they are on board with Julia and I.

As I contemplated on what to name my year, the list grew. Trust. Fearless. Active. Action. Participant. In the end, the word that spoke the most to me was ACTION.

To me, action is about making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen for you. I will go after my dreams. I will accomplish my goals. I will finish writing that story idea. I will apply for the writing program. I will find love. I will try new and exciting things. I will grow and learn.

The main thing I learned from Haiti was not to sit on the sidelines. Yes, I can learn a lot from watching and observing, but the story comes alive when you are IN it. And I want to feel alive.

As I look back in 2012, there are so many special moments.

I got a raise and promotion at work.

I finished my first feature-length screenplay.

I finished my first short screenplay.

I wrote a new romance novella.

I finished four new short stories.

I saw two of my stories get published.

I got a partial request from an agent.

I traveled to Haiti.

I became a part of the storytelling ministry at my church.

I visited my family in Michigan.

I visited my sister and her family during Thanksgiving.

I got to see some of my favorite bands in concert: No Doubt, The Birthday Massacre, Rise Against, Garbage, etc.

I moved to a new apartment.

I developed closer relationships with friends.

And the list will keep growing as I take ACTION in 2013!