That’s my excuse for letting my blog fall to the wayside.

But I guess you can say I am still working on my name for this year. ACTION!

My short story “The Ring of Life” was accepted into the Urban Green Man Anthology. It comes out in August. “Infinite,” a flash fiction piece I wrote for a contest at Everyday Fiction, was named a finalist.

I wrote a new short story in two days. I hadn’t done that in awhile. It was almost like a writer blackout. You’re so focused on a story that you don’t realize 48 hours have passed or how you got to bed from the laptop. Haha. And the crazy part is, the story had nothing to do with the supernatural. Just your mainstream sort of fiction. And I loved it!

I still want to write a spec script for the television workshop, but that’s due around May. Can I learn how to write a TV script in that timeframe? Anything is possible! I want to at least try. (ACTION!)

I’m also traveling a lot for work. I was in New Orleans for a conference and I have two more next month.

I’m also making time for friends. Despite my busy schedule, I will always be up for a beer, karaoke, or movie 😀

Now that I’m back on a semi-regular posting schedule, expect more updates from me. And if not, blame life 😉