Since I last updated, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. There’s this video about your 20s vs. your 30s, which I feel is very true. We might prefer taking naps over going skydiving now, but I am very grateful for the confidence and acceptance I have in myself. I loved my 20s, but I feel I have moved beyond the doubt and fear that it held. Not that being in my 30s means I have all the answers—I just walk taller now.

I celebrated my birthday in three parts: karaoke and dancing with my friends, visiting my sister and the kids in Fresno over Memorial weekend, and then Vegas with the girls. I was in good company the whole time!

In addition to a new year, I also got a new look, well, a new haircut. I love it!

Last week, I sent a query to an agent and 20 minutes later, she wrote back asking for a partial! Then, the next day, I got a story acceptance from SQ Mag! Now, I’m working on a new short story that I should be able to finish this week for a heavy metal/horror anthology due July 1.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Pantera for this new story, and I’m discovering new music from them (“Floods,” “Hollow,” “Becoming,” “Planet Caravan,” just to name a few). I’m watching their concert clips and getting inspired for this story. Of course, it puts me in this funk. When I write, I sometimes get lost in this world I’ve created, like I’m in a trance until the story is finished. Sometimes, even after the story is complete, I still feel like I’m stuck inside that world. One of the occupational hazards of being a writer: getting stuck inside a world that you created. Hah. I guess that’s why you have a circle of friends and family in the real world to pull you back.

So, what will 32 bring me? I know it will bring me things 28, 29, 30, and even 31 didn’t–and I say, “Bring it!”