I picked my name for 2014 and it is FOCUS! Last year, I went through a list and narrowed it down to ACTION. But FOCUS came right to me and the more I tried to think of other possible names, FOCUS kept coming back to me. And it’s true. I want to focus and stay focused on a lot of things–my career, my writing, my relationships, my spiritual journey, my growth…I don’t want to get distracted by drama, petty things, materialism, or other unwanted emotions.

Looking back at 2013 and how I applied ACTION…I did make a lot things happen for myself especially in terms of my writing and in terms of what I want out of relationships. When it comes to guys, I’m trying to be more open and aware of what and who is good for me. I know my worth. When it comes to friends, I’m expanding my circles and meeting new people. When it comes to family, I realize how blessed I am. I welcomed a new niece this year, but I also lost an aunt and a friend (both to cancer). Life is fleeting. Life is happening right now. Am I living in the moment? The NOW has never been more important to me than this very second.

Of course, there are goals I want to accomplish next year. Read more. Write more. Watch more movies. Travel. Explore. Expand my mind. Open my heart. So much has happened over this year that I don’t even know what to expect for the new one. That’s scary and exhilarating.

I also want to use this blog more, not only to report my writing updates, but to report on me! I hope it will help me stay focused.

Happy New Year!