Last night I went to my first vocal lesson ever. It was quite the experience. I had to bark like a dog, make strange weird noises, use my hands like goggles, and bend up and down as I sang a scale. BUT you know what? It all made sense. My instructor told me I wasn’t using the full range of my voice, and that I sang kind of softly, which explained why sometimes my voice strained or felt tired after awhile. She recorded our lesson and I have it on my USB drive. I’m going to listen it over this weekend, and I’m sure I’m going to hear a difference.

It wasn’t comfortable barking like a dog as I sang a scale, but sometimes, if you want to improve on something, you have to do strange things. Haha.

Tonight I return to yoga! We had a winter break, so again, it’s going to be uncomfortable remolding my body back into those strange positions.